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Paper use survey -

I am doing a research paper and I need to do a survey of people who
use scrapbook / patterned paper. I figured lots of you could answer - so would
you and help me with my paper? Just reply to swampfaye@ Yahoo.com with
the subject "Scrapbook Survey" so my mail doesn't stick it in spam.

PLEASE feel free to add comments. I will post the paper later, so you
can all see it and make sur you weren't misquoted LOL. Please finish
AALL of the survey if you take it.

Technical questions:
1. How old are you?

2. Do you regularly buy scrapbook paper?

3. How often would you estimate you buy paper for projects?

4. How much do you typically spend?

5. Do you regularly buy paper just because of it's appeal (not
knowing what sort of layout you will use it in)?

Personal use questions:
6. What do you use patterned paper for most often: scrapbooking, card
making, other (please list).

7. What do you look for in scrapbook paper? (color, pattern, etc.)

8. Do you use one brand or several?

9. What is your favorite brand?

10. Do you buy kits or make each piece yourself?

(please feel free to add your comments about scrapbook paper)


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