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spring music cards

hey everyone,
every year i like to make my music classes cards thanking them for the awesome time i've had with them throughout the semester so here is what i came up with. i have about 47 more to go, but i didn't want to go on without getting some opinions on them because i don't think they look fantastic, and they're expecting cards as great as they thought their xmas cards were.

Image hosting by Photobucket
ok so this is the actual card, and in person you can read the words very clearly. for all those who can't see that, here is the stamp used.
Image hosting by Photobucket

so really, it's basically marker scribbled over embossed stamp. i just think it looks... blah. any suggestions?

xposted to cardmakers, card_making, stamping and papercrafts - sorry if youre on all of the lists :X
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